July 11, 2011

A Beast of a Movie

A narcoleptic masterpiece!

Let's start with the good stuff. The plot is better and more interesting than the novel though both have Beauty and the Beast undertones. Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy is an upgrade from the novel version. I liked Kyle/Beast's body art, Mary Kate Olsen's costumes and her portrayal as the witch is decent enough plus Neil Patrick Harris is part of the cast.

Alex Pettyfer is just bland as the Beast, he didn't evoke my sympathy and his presence is just not commanding considering that he's this hotshot teen in school. Plus he's THE Beast! He should've been bigger than himself, command the screen, intimidate everyone. But it was just a flat performance. His only saving grace is he's a cutie and he has a decent body.

Vanessa Hudgens sounds and looks sweet but her performance is too HSM. We just didn't see her pain come through the screen as someone whose father is a drug addict who "sold" her to Kyle and basically an outcast in school. That vulnerability was just missing, it's like watching her perform in a school play, very amateurish. 

The twist in the movie and how Lindy ended up with Kyle is just pathetic. I prefer that they kept the one in the novel because it was more plausible. The guy playing Lindy's father was just stiff as a board!

I love NPH and I'm sorry but he wasn't convincing as a visually impaired individual. Hi character and the maid's are instrumental in Kyle's transformation from a major jackass to a compassionate gentleman. From the scenes that I was unfortunate enough to see, he was just doling out words of wisdome quoted from books and the like.

Aside from the abovementioned merits, the rest is just snooze worthy. You can fast forward the movie til the last 10 minutes and you'll be fine, you won't miss much.  
Overall the acting was just BAD. Skip the DVD and just wait for it to be shown on cable for free, your dollar is not worth this movie.


  1. The acting really was terrible. I made my husband go watch this with me and he fell asleep! LOl. Such a waste, I imagined it being so much more!

  2. I know it was painful to see the entire film. At least your hubby got a good catnap :D


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