June 12, 2011

Welcome to Talk Supe!

Welcome to our blog!

Allow me to say something about us before we start socializing and initiate discussions about pieces of supernatural literature floating around us, permeating our gullible minds with things, places and beings that other people created for our reading and and sometimes viewing pleasure (film adaptations).

First of all, we are just consummate readers period. In the course of this blog, we will offer nothing more than our opinions as any normal reader would. We are NOT editors, book critics nor equipped with fancy titles in literature or creative writing (well not yet anyway :D). Throughout the course of this blog, there might be differences of opinions or errors in judgement but we hope it won't get nasty and we'll just move along agreeing to disagree and proceed to having fantastic discussions.

We are just a couple of bookworms who avidly support the "dying" art of print and it just so happen that we developed a fondness for the Supernatural Genre. We find it very stimulating, definitely entertaining and a very good distraction to whatever mundane irritations are happening to us in real life. There will be times where we might persuade you to get up and go to the nearest library or bookstore to get a copy of an old/new piece of work that we find will be worth your while.

So we look forward to having certain degrees of conversations with you. Here's to the wonderful world of Vampires, Weres, Fae, Sorcery and everything else in between. Cheers!


  1. Woohoo! Our first real post.

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