June 19, 2011

Vampire Princess

The Smithsonian Channel made this documentary about a Bohemian Princess named Eleanore Elisabeth Amalia Magdalena von Schwarzenberg (1682-1741). I know it's a mouthful but their intro was enough to get me to set my DVR to record. This is the first time that I've heard of this princess and her connection to the Vampire myth so my curiosity was really piqued at this point.

Princess Eleanore is a passionate huntress as seen in her life size portrait. However amongst all the beasts, the wolf is special. You see, like any family born in aristocracy in those days, having an heir and a male one at that is a must. Eleanore would have her servants milk the wolves she's captured and she would drink them everyday for it is believed that it increases fertility and the ability to bear a male heir.

It was not in vain for she gave birth to a son at age 41, considered to be a medical miracle in her time. Some would credit it to sorcery. 

When Eleanore became ill, her health declined very fast. She would experience consistent pain in her abdomen and lower extremities. Due to this illness, she became very ill, emaciated and her orders in the apothecary was very eccentric. When she died, an autopsy was conducted and some speculates that this is probably an intervention to hide her condition or preventive measures in case she was indeed infected with vampirism.

Overall, the documentary failed to present any considerable proof to at least put Eleanore in the same category as Vlad the Impaler or even Elizabeth Bathory. Eleanore didn't murder anybody, no records of any psychotic behavior or even abuse. She would dabble in the occult in secret, keeping charms and the like to protect her from the evil eye but it was not to the point of witchcraft. 

Of course this is just my opinion. Below is a teaser of the documentary, you may view the entire episode on


  1. I remember seeing this on the Smithsonian Channel. I recorded it, but it got deleted. Hate sharing the box with everyone :( Thank you for the link, I would love to actually catch this finally. But from the sounds of it, doesn't sound like she is as crazy as Bathory, but I still want to see for myself. Great post, thanks hon :)

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