June 15, 2011

Team Were

Move over Jacob Black because Alcide Herveaux is in the house!!

Aside from the gorgeous women and Eric Northman's bare ass, Alcide Herveaux is the guy I'm dying to see on season 4. Seriously, how hot can a Were get? It's not enough that they're running a 100+ deg body temp but they have to visually smolder! One could just imagine what it would feel like lying next to this fine piece of meat.

'Nuff said


  1. OH.MY.GOD. I think I just felt my skin go up in flames. Why must this man be so fine? Looking at these pictures makes me think of things that I shouldn't be thinking if at 10 am while at work. Wow! Thanks for this. And I wish Sookie would slut it up a bit and get a taste of camps and weres.

  2. So true! My least fave of her hookups was with that Were Tiger, I'm glad Charlaine Harris cut that short. Oh Alcide!

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  4. Quinn! Yeah, I never really warmed up to the weretiger. And he was this over six foot bald dude. Just wasn't my cup if coffee. And if I remember correctly, wasn't he dressed like a genie the first time she met him. Ahaha!

  5. He just didn't sound appealing to me. I think Harris saw some dude at Wal-mart who looks like Steve Austin (at least that's how I imagines Quinn) and got inspired to write him in.


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