June 27, 2011

She's Not There

So I guess majority of us have seen the season 4 premier of True Blood. All I can say is this is my most anticipated season because like Cimmaron, my fave is book 4 of the series, Dead to the World, where the whole Sookie-my-lover thing begins.

First of all, what's up with the faery world?! Like how come those faeries suddenly looked like that guy from Leprechaun the movie? I'm guessing that Alan Ball doesn't really like that part of the story so he just decided to be done with it early on (maybe) since he brought them waaayyy too soon in the story.

And Bill is the King of Louisiana now?! Well that's ok since I really don't like Evan Rachel Wood as Sophie Ann, she was overdoing it (I like her but NOT as Sophie Ann Leclerq). But it's so sad seeing Bill still pining for Sookie. I mean it's so heartbreaking to read it in the book but it definitely takes it to another level to actually see him so brokenhearted over her.

Cimmaron was correct in her speculation that Tara will go play for the other team because she did. She also looks leaner and prettier this season. Go Rutina Wesley!

Although Lafayette should have been long gone, I'm glad they kept him. He adds additional color to the cast what with his bedazzled tanks, studded belts and his fashion statement, his headbands! Plus the forever virgin Jessica is so adorable and her relationship with Hoyt is just so cute.

Then I went ahead and saw episode 2 because I just need more! It was so exciting and the episode holds a lot of promise with the witches and Necromancy. It ends with Sookie finding Eric on the side of the street, shirtless and wandering with a blank look on his face. So I'm guessing HBO will turn up the heat big time!

But I do recommend that y'all get HBO and the HBO Go app. It's so ridiculous how the Facebook "likes" suddenly jumped from 3M yesterday afternoon to 8M after the first episode premiered. They have this double premier tonight so some of us can watch next week's episode. After watching it I think I made a bad call because not I don't think I can wait 2 weeks for episode 3! LOL


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  2. my computer is wigging out! It made me do that verificaton thing, like 4 times!

    Here's my comment, again: So many people love TrueBlood, personally I find it disappointing. I think because the books are such great source material and I really feel like they don't take advantage of that. My favorite book is "Club Dead", but last season was disappointing to say the least. I can't stand Alan Ball's undying love for Bill/Sookie. I'm afraid this season will be REALLY different from Dead to the World, which is a great book! BUT I'm encouraged by the "Eric on the side of the road", so here's hoping!

  3. I think what's good about True Blood is that it's loosely based on the book series so it provides the element of unpredictability. I mean the books are amazing (although I question the last 3) but Alan Ball's version is entertaining and very provocative, his casting director did a pretty good job. Despite all the other banged up adaptations, this one actually appeals to me because I can read the books AND watch the series knowing that I'll be surprised. But for this season, I'm crossing my fingers that he'll keep the Sookie-Eric love match.


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