June 25, 2011

The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan

The Kane Chronicles
Format: Hardback
Release Dates: May 4, 2012; May 3, 2011
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From the same guy that brought us the Percy Jackson series now brings us The Kane Chronicles. It's another brother-sister tandem who cannot be more different than night and day. When their mother mysteriously died, the siblings Carter and Sadie were separated. Carter went globe-trotting with their Egyptologist Dad while Sadie stayed in London with her maternal grandparents. They only got to see each other once a year and in one of this reunions they discovered that they are descendants of Egyptian Pharaohs and they are powerful magicians.

In their first misadventure, their Dad awakened the Egyptian god Set and banished him to a Duat (another dimension) acting as the god Osiris (the Egyptian equivalent of Hades). The siblings were thrust in the company of magical creatures, other magicians, countless Duats and slowly discovers the magic and mystery of their mother's death and their Egyptian ancestry.  Now they're mission is to stop Set and his devious plan of conquering the world... which they eventually did but not before releasing Apophis (a giant snake similar to the Leviathan associated with Chaos).

End Red Pyramid.

After a break from the crazy, we rendezvous again with the Kane siblings in another adventure. Now they have more company, other descendants of Egyptian Pharaoh's (House of Life) have joined them and their quest for vanquishing Apophis, or the Chaos Snake. Here they try to waken Ra, the Sun God, for he is the only one who can vanquish Apophis. However Ra is this geezer, nursing home patient that doesn't seem competent to battle anyone much less the creature who's supposed to destroy the earth.

The Kanes find themselves striking deals with suspicious characters, finding allegiance in the most unexpected places and meeting more Egyptian Gods and Goddesses along the way.

Ok, this has Disney written all over it. Not a surprise since they published the series but I mean it has that "happy" quality to it. It's written in alternating POV's in the form of an audio recording. But it's written wonderfully that it feels like I can hear them and the inserted side comments didn't hurt either.

The stories are fast paced and action packed and it will definitely appeal to the 10+ readers. So if you're a parent or a concerned adult and would like to screen what the young ones are reading, this passes the test. It doesn't have that emo quality that seems to be very popular these days, the characters themselves each provide comedic relief which really gives off this positive and adventurous vibe albeit the fact that the heroes are preventing the end of the world.

I love young adult fiction even if I'm years overqualified for that section. But like what I said, this book is more for the pre-puberty peeps. If you're into the slightly "heavier" reads then I think you'd find this boring. However if you liked the Percy Jackson series and The Immortal Secrets of Nicolas Flamel then this is the book for you.

I'd just advise you to take a book break, like read something else, in between this series and the Nicolas Flamel one because there are Egyptian characters in the Flamel books and it might get jumbled up in your head. Overall, I love this series and I won't be surprised if Disney turns this into a movie. It has all the right ingredients to it anyway.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. This is the first review I've seen for The Throne of Fire. Wow, it sounds great!

    I read the sneak-peak chapter awhile back. Now I need to buy the book so I can read the rest.

    Marlene Detierro (Seward Alaska Fishing)


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