June 27, 2011

REVIEW: Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

Series: Mercy Thompson #1
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Ace
Release Date: January 2006
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Mercy Thompson's life is not exactly normal. Her next-door neighbor is a werewolf. Her former boss is a gremlin. And she's fixing a VW bus for a vampire. But then, Mercy isn't exactly normal herself.
First of all I'd like to thank my partner Cimmaron for recommending this book. I love it! I finished Moon Called in 24 hours because I'm just glued to it. I just took a break when True Blood came in.

Anyway we got a Walker (or Shifter in some myths), a couple of hot Werewolves, a seethe of Vampires and the Fae is not far behind. This has everything that this blog lives for! Perfect read on a rainy Sunday.

So our heroine is Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson, a Walker, who owns a garage in the Tri-State area. She was raised by Werewolves, she's got a degree in History, she owns a garage, a mechanic by trade, and she turns into a Coyote when the need rises. Her neighbor is this hot, ex-military, Alpha Were named Adam who has a daughter named Jesse.

Their business got intertwined when a new Were, Mac, came to Mercy for a job and they found out that some funky business is going on in Chicago, a pack is selling new Weres as subjects for some experiment. The next thing we know, Mac is lying dead in Mercy's front door, Adam is seriously injured and Jesse got kidnapped. With nowhere to go, Mercy went off to Montana with Adam to seek help from the Marrok (the ultimate Alpha) whose son happens to be Mercy's ex.

What happens next is action packed. The rescue operation, a witch helping out the perps and a betrayal that led to death. We discover that the motive behind the whole shenanigan is preventing the Marrok from making a public announcement that Werewolves exists coupled with personal issues.

I like Patricia Briggs style of writing. I like the way she inserts the back stories of the characters, she follows the normal thinking process so we won't be reading chapters of flashbacks. She doesn't linger on giving out too much details, she leaves enough room to the imagination. However we are not shortchanged with her descriptions, it's rich and direct without too much analogies so we stay engrossed to the story.
I was so absorbed with this because I always love strong female characters that are not just pretty but can kick some serious ass (unlike the very popular Bella Swan, ugh!). Mercy reminds me of Sookie Stackhouse in such a way that their moral compass are so intact, they lean towards doing what's right regardless if their safety will be put on the line. They're both independent and are fiercely loyal to those around them.

And the Weres, OMG the Weres! I've always been partial to these creatures with their hot temperature, lean and muscular bodies, amazing speed and agility and the fact that they're related to dogs just appeals to me. They are both cuddly and lethal at the same time so I'm so glad that I'm finally reading a series where the Weres take center stage.

So if you like Jacob Black and/or Alcide Herveaux, then this is the series for you! Team Were all the way!


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