June 28, 2011

Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs

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Series: Mercedes Thompson 2
Format: Hardback
Release Date: January 30, 2007
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Under the rule of science, there are no witch burnings allowed, no water trials or public lynchings. In return, the average law-abiding, solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump in the night. Sometimes I wish I was an average citizen...

Mechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places-and in dark ones. And now she owes one of them a favor. Since she can shapeshift at will, she agrees to act as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kind.

But this new vampire is hardly ordinary-and neither is the demon inside of him.

Our reluctant heroine who is at times a coyote continues her adventures on Blood Bound. There's a new demon-vampire in town and only Mercedes Thompson can stop him. Since Mercy is impervious to some magic, her Vampire buddy Stefan asked for her assistance to welcome Cory Littleton, newly made Vampire, demon-rider and Sorcerer extraordinaire. Meeting Cory was more than Mercy has bargained for. To say that she was astounded by his blood lust is an understatement.

Soon there were multiple cases of violence and death in the Tri-State area that has got even the Police concerned. And with the Fae and the Werewolves' recent coming out in the public eye, all is looking bleak in the world of Supernatural creatures. As a damage-control maneuver, Stefan teamed up with another Vamp Daniel, who'd also fallen prey to Cory's spells, and the Weres Warren and his fellow pack mate Ben, and together they hunt down Cory and stop his killing spree.

Mercy is pulled further into this bad situation, her friends turned up missing, Warren was on the verge of death, more innocent people are killed and she herself is being hunted by Cory. And of course to spice things up, she is getting even more involved with pretty boy Alpha Were Adam and her relationship with her once boyfriend/mentor turned roommate, Samuel, gets even more complicated.


I slept at 3am because I cannot shut down my brain not until I've finished reading the book. Need I say more on how much this series is growing on me? I mean the last series that I felt this involved with is probably The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning.

I like Brigg's mythology. Her version of preternatural beings are so raw, so dangerous and so seductive. The Werewolves are not tame, they'll eat you and tear you to pieces if you're at the wrong place at the wrong time. They're savage which reminds us why Vampires are wary of Werewolves, they are as predatory as their dead rivals. They're hot too and I'm not just talking about body temperatures here, Patricia Brigg's Weres are HOTT, oozing with animal magnetism and untempered sensuality.

Briggs chose to retain the lore behind the Vampire myth, they are lethal, true predators, unapologetic and unscrupulous, their conscience and their sense of humanity long gone. The Fae are not just magical beings but dangerous creatures as well. It's a little reminder why these Supernatural creatures are the inspiration behind countless horror movies and Halloween costumes.

And of course, there is the building super typhoon love entanglement between Mercy, Adam, Samuel and I think Stefan will be joining the menagerie soon. So I think you'd understand why I'm swept by the series so far. And just like any tease, there's no major steamy love scenes just yet. No siree. I think Briggs wants to make sure that you're hot and heavy for her men before she gives us any.

I'm hopeless! I'm on my way to the library now to pick up the next one, Iron Kissed. Here's to hoping that I'll sleep early tonight.

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